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I am J and my boyfriend is K and this is a blog about our sexual exploits. I invite you to read about our sex life and be a sexual voyeur and maybe even submit some tips to spice up our sex life. :)

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Sex Entry #19: Dealing with a meddling whore bag.

I am back!! My relationship with K has been rocky to say the least. I know this isn’t a relationship blog, but I think that it is important as a back story to understand our chemistry together.

About two weeks ago K and I got back together after being broken up for over a month. During that month I was going on dates and I was pretty involved with this guy G. G and I never did anything physically because I felt as though it would be bad for me to do something that would be detrimental to my healing process and being in a sexual relationship is the last thing I wanted. So G and I were getting to know each other and going on dates, pretty normal stuff.

Well, to make a long story short, K slept with one of our mutual friends who also happens to be his best friends ex… Him sleeping with this hoe bag caused him to realize how much I meant to him and how retarded he was for leaving me. So, now K and I are back together and it is very hard for me to come to terms that he would do something like that to me and to his best friend (who I have been friends with since the 6th grade and during the break up he took K’s side and then K kinda shit all over his life.)

For starters I am making K get tested after having UNPROTECTED SEX with a whore (she doesn’t care who she sleeps with or the reasons. She used K to get back at her ex who is K’s best friend.) and then proceeded to have unprotected sex with me before telling me this whole thing (we both got tested before having sex with each other to make sure everything was fine and I assumed that he didn’t do anything with anyone else in a month.) Yeah, I was livid because if she has anything, then he has it and that means that he put me in harm’s way so now we are only having sex with condoms until he gets a clean bill of health.

We have been having sex pretty normally but it is so hard for me to orgasm knowing that he has been inside of another girl, it is such a turn off and makes me not really want sex all that much. I guess it is because for me, it was K and I for the past year and a half and for him it was him, me, and this hoe bag Millissa (yes, she deserves no anonymity) and our time together doesn’t seem as special now because he brought this whore into our story. :/ Slowly I have been becoming more comfortable with having sex with K but it is still hard. I have been able to orgasm but it is an ongoing thought in my head.

Does anyone have any advice for getting this whore out of my head and out of the relationship/future K and I have together?

normalanomalies: It's been a while since I've read your posts! I don't know how, but I miss them on my dash most days. I'm glad to still see more stories involving K! Also, Chubby = More to love and play with. I'm no guy, but I figure a good amount of them want a soft, feminine girl. You can't get much softer or feminine than a curvy girl. Plus hey, you're the one getting sexed up on the regular. Let the boys talk, they'll just never know what they're missing. ;)

Thank you so much! I have come to accept my body more. :) I am going to do more exercise outside when the weather gets better because it is all rain right now! :P And that is true! I am getting sexed on the reg. and K says that he could never find someone who understands his body like I do which makes the sex amazing. :) 

P.s. I love your blog! <3

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